Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Wakeman's house from Space

Actual view:

Zoom 10x:

Zoom 25x:

Zoom 50x:

Zoom 100x:

Zoom 200x:

Zoom 300x:

Zoom 500x:

Zoom 700x:

The only problem is that I REALLY can't find it!


Schattendorn said...

Because it´s didnt build yet.^^
I mean to remember that mlaatr plays in the future , year 2075.

wichobot said...

Oh, you're right.
but, where could it be?

Schattendorn said...

I dont know , or exist in the usa a real town that called Tremerton?
Try to search!^^

Geshin said...

I've also put up the following analysis on Tremorton's location, including pictures on: http://geshin.blogspot.com

See the last two sentences if you wouldn't like to read the analysis.

•The pictures appears to be facing directly north.
•Tremorton appears to be about a quarter of the distance between the eastern side of Mexico(about longitude 90°30' W) and the western side of Florida(about longitude 82°30' W), so the longitude of Tremorton should be around 93°07'30" W (three quarters the distance from 95° to 92°30' W).
•There are also many hills in the area (and a large one that the HOLLYWOOD-style Tremorton sign is on[Teen Team Time]), and this confirms the 93°07'30" W idea, as it's a little east of the Great Plains (where there's mostly rolling, slightly sloped hills).
•The weather's pleasantly cool (windows rolled down in [Future Shock], etc.) but a bit too cool for shorts and a T-shirt, and very few people are dressed for warmer weather. There's enough sun for Jenny to burn a towel in [Toying with Jenny] though, and there's also heavy snow, as in [Doom with a View].
•I don't know what species of tree that is in the background (or in [The Boy Who Cried Robot]), but that might help with the location as well.

•From these, I can say Tremorton is in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, or Illinois. This knocks out the possibility of a true Tremorton though, as this area doesn't have a large fault line, such as the one Tremorton is named after[Escape from Cluster Prime]. We can still try to find a similar location however. :)
•The weather doesn't work with an area near the Great Plains however. Even the snow could be staved off with just a sweater and cap, as in [Doom with a View]. The very tame weather all year-round suggests that a large body of water is helping to stabilize the climate. The 100x and 200x pictures display a relatively large body of water, but the scale is VERY shaky. I matched the curvature of the Earth with the 100x picture and the 93°07'30" line, and found the body of water to match Lake Superior better than Lake Michigan. However, the climate in Minnesota is pretty extreme.

•I don't believe that body of water is Lake Tremorton[Pajama Party Prankapalooza], because Lake Tremorton is within the town, and the lake in the 100x and 200x pictures appears to be outside the town.

•All this leads me to believe Tremorton is actually beside Lake Michigan, which is further south and allows for a warmer climate overall.
•The large(?) city in the far left of the horizon would have to be connected by land, else we SHOULD see a river or something disconnecting the two. This confirms the west-of-Lake-Michigan theory. Could be a stylistic decision though.

•So in conclusion, I believe Tremorton is a bit west of Chicago, Illinois: I'd guess around Aurora, Illinois. Additionally, the city in the distance may be Rockford, Illinois, or possibly Madison, Wisconsin.

Geshin said...

Bah, I hate typos. :(
Oh well, please check out the blog version, it's much easier to follow with pictures and a wider format.

TOMAS said...

Awersome!, that surprising geographic analysis,fantastic!!!O_o
You Work for National Geographic...?

Anonymous said...

but u forgot about the episode "Mind Over Matter" where there is a storm that blankets the whole eastern coast of the US and Tremorton lost power and darkened. and wisconsin and illinois are not on the eastern seaboard.
Plus, the school is the Tremorton Quakers, and if you know your US History, the quakers settled in Pennsylvania, and PA is on the east coast. PA has the appalachian mountains. PA gets sun and snow throughout the year.
and for the record, i don't live in PA, i live in Wisconsin, and the climate is like PA and Tremorton, sun and snow throughout the year.

Geshin said...

Ah, very good points. I figured the Quakers were another reference to the tremors from being near a fault line, but the Quaker concentration in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and its location on the east coast are pretty significant.

I can attest to the hills as well. I've got a few relatives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The hill their house is perched has a terribly steep grade.

They must be trying to confuse us; putting Tremorton in the middle of North America in one episode, and declaring they're on the Atlantic in another.

Also, Anonymous: Do you have a blogger account, or could you give me a name to refer to you as? In case we speak again in the future, and so I can add your thoughts to the blog version. :)

Geshin said...

Also, I forgot to say, thank you for your input! The more perspectives we can get on Tremorton's location, the better equipped we'll be to maybe find a close match. :)

We'll probably have to wait another 70 or so years though, hehe.

UFOWIS said...

i don't have a blogger account, so u can just refer to me as UFOWIS.

UFOWIS said...

since you have a blogger account and it says a little about yourself, i will say a little about me.

Location: Kenosha, WI; USA
Gender: Female

TOMAS said...

hey UFOWIS buen comentario,eres una chica concisa y exacta en sus observaciones , creo que te llevarías bien con Miri,una chica mexicana,que también es admiradora de Jenny;)
saludos desde México,

TOMAS said...

Good comentarys UFOWIS,you are a concise and exact girl in your observation, i believe you would take well with Miri, a Mexican girl, who also is admiring of Jenny too! ;)
Greetings from México

shadow2007 said...

wow que especifico...
ya puedo visitarla... ^^