Monday, June 12, 2006

The first day of the unnoficial blog

OK, this is the first day of the blog...
I'm just angry with RobotRenzetti and AlexKirtoon because they no longer wrotte in the official blog, so I created this blog to get any kind of comments. Fell free to tell and ask whatever you want at this blog! I will response to your questions and keep updated this site! The goal is put in here weird & funny things all about MLaaTR universe!

Esta bien, este el el primer día del blog...
Estoy molesto con RobotRenzetti y AlexKirtoon porque no han escrito nada más en el blog oficial, así ke hice este blog para recibir cualquier tipo de comentario. Siéntete libre de comentar o preguntar lo ke kieras en este blog! Responderé a tus preguntas y mantendré el sitio actualizado! La meta es publicar cualquier cosa extraña y divertida del universo de MLaaTR!


Chazz Princetone NT said...

Very good, you can make
a fan video? i want to find any MLaaTR

sincerely:chazz princetone

wichobot said...

A fan video... mmmmm....
I have that idea since many months ago, but I hadn't time for make it true ;(
But you can find some videos related to MLaaTR in
Just type in the search: teenage robot
and you will find videos from more people.

jennyfan7 said...

Hi! My most sincere congratulations for create this site, I hope that receive many visits soon; good job, Wichobot!

Anonymous said...

Hello, I'm Miri! This site and you are great wichobot!! Thank you!
Greetings to everybody.