Friday, June 16, 2006

Jenny vs Megaman

They have a lot in common, just take a look:

1. Both have a blue suit.
2. Their "action" pose.
3. Check their boots/feet. Almost equal!
4. Size of their legs/thighs.
5. Their chests.
6. Big eyes.
7. Hands.
8. Their creators are doctors.
9. Their code names (X and XJ9).
10. Fight against evil...


TOMAS said...

You now that xj-9 fought the crime was a robot towards in Mexico already does but 30 years ago?...
it will try to inform ahead in next time...

wichobot said...

really?! very interesting...

Schattendorn said...

WOW, Thx Wichobot!^^
Teenageroblogx is GREAT!
Specialy the video sektion.
There are many Episodes that nick never show in germany.

(I hope my English, is not so bad)

shadow2007 said...

buena comparacionnn...XD