Saturday, June 17, 2006

Teenage Robot in Germany 2006!

Everybody (almost) in this planet have Soccer Fever!

And this guy too:


Schattendorn said...

And who you think will win?^^

wichobot said...

Deutschland gewinnt!
Only that two words I know in german language ;)

btw, a friend from Cologne send me that german episodes.

Schattendorn said...

Than thx to him to.
And yes i hope we will win.^^

TOMAS said...

VERY ADOC THE THEME TODAY.The other guy is Andres Bustamante!,"the Güiri Güiri" a true genius of the comedy.
He realzate the doblage of the caracter Mike Wasausky (this correctly written?) of the movie of Disney "Mosnter Inc (to Spanish of course) i never Think to see it here...
Mexico 0 to 0 argh!:(

shadow2007 said...

jajaja..ese tipo tambienn... ajajaj