Thursday, June 15, 2006

Hammer Bros. vs Mario Bros.

Both characters have A LOT in common:
1. Caps.
2. Colors.
3. The classic "jump" sound.
4. One is thin and the other is fat.
5. Mustaches.
6. Plumbers...
About the Mad Hammer Bros. name, I found

the real mad "Hammer Bros." hehe:

If you want to play like a Mad Hammer/Mario Bros. character
search this game on the web:

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jennyfan7 said...

Hey! that pair is looked much like Wario and Waluigi...

Greetings to Mr. Renzetti, Mr. Kirwan, Tomás, Chazz, Kraken, Miri, the rest of the gang, and of course, to Wichobot!