Saturday, June 17, 2006

My Life as a Teenage Robot song

Yes, this is the official main theme song.
Sung by Jennifer Karr and Music by
Peter Lurye.
Download it here!

The main theme song in german version.
Download it here!

The main theme song in japanese version.
Download it here!

The "Teenage Roblog X" song.
Download it here!


Schattendorn said...


Have Peter Lurye made all the Music for Teenage Robot?
Like the credits or the music in the episodes?

wichobot said...

I guess that another guy named James L. Venable is who composes songs for the episodes.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I'm Miri! This site and you are great wichobot!! Thank you!
Greetings to everybody.

Chazz Princetone NT said...

I think that if Renzetti do a
crossover with danny phantom
and the teenage robot

Possibly Guy moon and lurye
can work togheter as well as

butch and rob

sincerely:chazz princetone

Schattendorn said...

Cool sound for the site wichbot!

Can you put it to the other dowloads?

jennyfan7 said...

Hi, Wichobot!

I liked much the section dedicated to the downloads of MLaaTR's intros songs; could you make one of the episodes's musical intros? Also could you include the incidental songs, like "happy noontime fun time song"(of Wonderful World of Wizzly), etc.? They would be cool ringtones for cellphones, and thus MLaaTR would accompany many people to all parts...

RobotRenzetti said...

James Venable and Paul Dinlitier did the music in the actual episodes.

wichobot said...

Did they made the music for "Escape from Cluster Prime"?

shadow2007 said...

a mi me gusta la de ingles y en japones...^^

qbra said...

can somebody write the lyrics of this theme? I can't really understand it:S..

Joe said...

Is there anyway to get the background music? Such as the music from the background of "I Was a Preschool Dropout" when Jenny was hitting the kids with the ball on the play ground? Thats the music I really want

Other Files said...

Did anybody save and reupload the MP3s? ESPECIALLY since all Teenage Robot-related FreeWeb links on the Roblog original and Roblog X blogs are DEAD, and Frederator's MP3 of the US intro is a SLOW, if not, DEAD link.