Saturday, June 24, 2006

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This is from Mrs. Wakeman's Secret Underground Vault
(click it to zoom in).
If you see at the left, there is a metal spidy used in that

Johnny Quest (old version) cartoon:

If you saw more cultural references, comment it!
Info contributor: JD


Schattendorn said...

Hey, why is there a german word on the platform of the future scope?
"verboten" means forbidden in germany.

Geshin said...

I noticed that as well. It's also a proper word in English, but I've never seen it used before.

JD said...

Me again, Wicho ;) I think that the giant coin could be a reference to "Batman" (there's a big coin in the Batcave)

TOMAS said...

And the other penny is not of certain multimillionaire Duck?

TOMAS said...

It has alaways seem me by its way to speak (as much in the Traduccion in Spanish like in the own English)That she must have German ancestry.

Schattendorn said...

This rocket is from "Tintin et Milou" a famous comic from France
Look here:

Schattendorn said...

I hope that link work´s.

And the thing in the left of the labor looks a bit like the time maschine from H.G Wells (My favorite writer)

RobotRenzetti said...

Good job on the cultural references everyone! I am not a fan of shows that spend all their time refering to pop culture. Whenever we did it on TR I tried to keep it subtle and a little obscure.

'Verboten' was something our BG designer Joe Holt threw in. But since I am half German on my mother's side I was all for it.

wichobot said...

There's a big fungus (or a chair) and a word behind it saying "FRA...E" or something and a guy in a white suit.
Are those mean something?
Rob: I guess you were Italian ;)

Schattendorn said...

Can it mean "fragile"
Its only a guess.

TOMAS said...

Well, it does not mistake to me, Weakman thruely has German's ancestor

Anonymous said...

Actually, the 'old number one' is not a penny under the jar, but is most likely a reference to Mcduck's lucky 'number one' dime (as an avid Ducktales fan from the late 80's, I've seen enough episodes to know for sure).

I'm surprised noone saw that to the left is HG Well's Time Machine (well, from the original George Pal film).