Monday, August 21, 2006

"Teenage Robot" Fonts

If you was wondering what font style is used in the
"Teenage Robot Main Title", you should know what this is
called "Anastasia" font style. You can download it here:
Download the MLaaTR font!

Also, there is another font style used in the "Created by..."
called "Broadway". Get it here:
Download the another font!


FrozenFlame said...

Thanks you ^^

Great Blog! ;)

TOMAS said...

Gracias por la nota W-bot, me parece bastante buena, ¡como fue que te interesaste en investigar acerca de la fuente usada para el anuncio (es incorrecto "anuncio" pero es lo que recuerdo al momento)
de Jenny?

shadow2007 said...

gracias wicho, no sabia que estaba aki

Tesla me la paso hace algunas semanas D:

jeje =D

Anonymous said...

Thank you for these fonts.
I was wondering already for a very long time which font was used in the opening screen.

Kaede said...

Sends me to page where I have to enter my IP address to see if I have a virus. I assume the link doesnt work anymore?

Anonymous said...

what about the my life as a part?