Monday, August 28, 2006

Got Milk?

A fanart by Blackmanta.
Artist's comments: I've noticed that in USA there are a lot of posters
where famous actors or actress suggest people to drink milk.
This time, Jenny Wakeman is the one who suggest people to do it.


TOMAS said...

Ummm... Truely it had not thought about Jenny this way. But it seems to me enough good, that the good feeding of the people is promoted (if it the same happened with the T.V... -_-U, another rooster will sing to us)

TOMAS said...

Other as good works of Blackmanta exist as this. Like the one of promoted Brad the same milk! (It will be mark ACME? - OoO -)

UFOWIS said...

this is very clever. too bad got milk? didn't come to Nickelodeon to ACTUALLY do this and put it in magazines.

and tomas, work on the english buddy.
"enough good" should actually be good enough.

TOMAS said...

Dear Ufowis: You are right about your commentary, I I use "Babel Altavista Traslator" and must correct of the this same errors, in this case I escape by negligence, I promise to practice... About the subject of milk, In my country it is little common that the movie stars are dedicated to a promotion of this type, perhaps for that reason it seemed me strange to my to seem, and on the contrary in E.U.A. it must be but common... Good, it could be worse, imaginate than it worked in the O.N.U!!! ;) Respectfully Tomas

UFOWIS said...

i know what you mean. Babel traslator, i used it to translate some things for my french paper. things do come up backwords a lot.

and even though i live in the USA, i still get confused between which words to use. for instance, when i talk to my friends and family, english will sometimes come out very funny, then we joke about it.

UFOWIS said...

oh yes, for the Got Milk? magazine ads, they have cartoon characters and famous atheletes. pretty much in every magazine dealing with sports.

Anonymous said...

It means that milk is good for you to drink. It's good for your body