Monday, August 14, 2006

"Not my day" footages

"Jenny Wakeman walks at night". (No sound)

"Test flight footage". (No sound)

These video footages are from "Not my day" fan video
episode created by
Info Thanks to: shadow2007


TOMAS said...

Espero que veamos pronto más trabajos de este fan en especial=)

shadow2007 said...

sip yo tambien kisiera ver mas hacerca de el... de seguro le llevara tiempo hacerlo...

Chazz Princetone NT said...

yes guys to do a work like this is hard specially if it is in 3d
and in the real world

the crossover with FOP-DP-MLaaTR-KP-AD:JL-XS-A:TLA-YGOGX
will be with real world background as showed in the background of not my day but with the characters in their normal appearences

sincerely:chazz princetone

Bele said...

te felicito por tu blog , me encantó =) estaré al tanto de tus actualizaciones.