Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Opening scene

(click on it for Zoom In)
This is the entire scene of that classical opening,
after Jenny hits the giant "alien-ball".
There are many frames on it and the camera

movement is very complex.
Do you recognize all the characters there?


Tony said...

I recognize the following: Skyway Patrol Officer, Mr. Renzetti as the Ice Cream Man from "It Came From Next Door", the teacher from "I Was a Pre-school Drop Out",Mr. Scruffles, Sheldon, Vice Principal Rizinski, Leta from the Space Bikers, Brit and Tiff Krust, Smytus, Raggedy Android, Mr. Mezmer, Don Prima. I can see them, but some are beyond my recognition.

shadow2007 said...

wow.. salen casi todos...
pero como en la cancion pasa tan rapido casi no se pueden notar...
thx.. sino no me hubiera dado cuenta..