Saturday, August 12, 2006

Jenny wallpaper

This is the latest wallpaper from Davirus.
He's working in other MLaaTR projects like his
"Furry Jenny" and upcoming Jenny music & animation.


shadow2007 said...

jjje ya lo habia visto en devianrt y ya lo ten9ia en mi compu... un pokito tarde.. ^^U.. pero benm para los que no tienen

Chazz Princetone NT said...

very good work, but i heard rumors about teenage robot animation, they says that it´s cheap. i don´t think so but, it can be correct-afoot the crossover with MLaaTR_DP will be ready for this summer, about december it will be a one hour summer special. its called
"The Perfect Machine" and the tagline is:GHOST DNA AND ROBOT BODY:

sincerely:chazz princetone

ps:check your inbox or email folders

TOMAS said...

That well!!! , it is good for seeing Davirus in Roblog X here! XD and is good for seeing you in Dev. W-bot;)
Que bien!!!, es bueno Ver a Davirus aquĆ­ en el Roblog X !XD
Y es bueno verte a ti en Deviantart,W-Bot ;)