Sunday, September 17, 2006

+3000 visits!

Thank you! +1000!
Thank you! +2000!!
Thank you! +3000!!!

Really nice fanart by blakmanta.


El TyLer said...

Wow, se ve bien la imagen, aunque esta haya sido del devianart, pero en fin, aun asi es muy buena.

PD: Hey, solo una pregunta: porque tambien no haces un blog deperdido para los latinoamericanos, no?, digo.

FrozenFlame said...

Taht's Good! =O

P.S.: Look the userbar that i made 8) :

wichobot said...

Your banner is quite good! :)

wichobot said...

El tyler: buena idea! ;)
Veré que puedo hacer al respecto.

Cataphract_40 said...

Congrats wichobot!

I really like the background music...I'm assuming that it's the end credits music that you've mixed together with the main theme. Do you have the original version of the end credits music by any chance?

wichobot said...

I have the version with the "Frederator logo" sound crossover. Could this help you?

cataphract_40 said...

Yes, that would be excellent!

cataphract_40 said... it possible to send me this file, wichobot?

wichobot said...

Sure! Just tell me your e-mail.

cataphract_40 said...

Sure, it's


cataphract_40 said...


Thank you very's perfect!

Maybe I'll see you on Cluster Prime sometime :)