Sunday, September 03, 2006

+2000 visits in a month!

I really appreciate it! Thanks to everyone and always keep
watching the Roblogs for more MLaaTR News! :)


TOMAS said...

We are not all those that I wanted in the personnel, but that if... All those that we are we want!and Much... Cluster Victo!

Anonymous said...

+2000 visits in a month
Wichobot you can be proud, i think!
You do a great job.

and we Germens can also be very happy becaus since saturday the 3rd Staff on MLaaTR is running here.
(the only thing that is bad, my videocard is blown up)

in this way greetings vom Germany
and ceeya


Shell Toon TV said...

Always happy to be one of the visitors! Keep up the good work Wichobot!