Wednesday, July 04, 2007

July's Calendar!

From the Jenny-San Calendar japanese site ^^U !
They look really hot, hehe...

Well, it seems that Brad was infected by Tequila or something... xD !
Hilarious fanart from
K. Zoe ^^ !

And finally... TROGDOOOOOR! .... I mean Killgore ^^ !

Nice video from AkumaTh.


Anonymous said...

That video about Killgore was interesting, because there were scenes, i didnt see in the episode.
Were they taken from the Spanish Nickeleodeon?

wichobot said...

Well, the scenes came from both versions: English & Spanish one.

The Great One said...


Jenny has boobs in Japan. And Misty is very well endowed as well. They ARE more cuturally developed than we are--- and so is She!

But then look are their anime!

Can you say "fan service"?