Sunday, July 16, 2006

A special request: MNWATR

I'm looking for "MNWART" also known as:
"My neighbor was a Teenage Robot".
Just wait some days... or weeks :P
btw, I guess MLAATR sounds better than


TOMAS said...

te ha dicho algo el Sr. Rensetti de MNWART?

wichobot said...

Sí, de hecho le encargó el trabajo a su compañero Eric kien dice ke es muy bueno para manejar las computadoras allí en Frederator.

Tomas said:
Renzetti was told to you something about MNWATR?

wichobot said:
Yes, in fact he gave that job to his partner Eric who says that he's very able for manage computer things there in Frederator.

TOMAS said...

espero con ansia el poder verla pronto,me alegro mucho de que sea presentada a todos los fans de XJ,:)Gracias Sr. Rensetti es bueno ver piensa todavia en su Obra Maestra, y que pese a sus ocupaciones actuales le preste tiempo valioso=_)
mis agradecimientos a todo el personal de el Estudio Federator que sin ser mencionados participan en está gran obra.
Y por enesimá vez; Gracias a ti, W-bot,(y a Chazz también!) tal vez Jenny no estaría con todos nosotros todavia si tu no te esforzaras tanto...
tengo problemas con la computadora.
disculpa molestias.

TOMAS said...

I hope anxiery seeing it soon. i am glad to much of that is presented/displayed to all fans to XJ :) Thank you Mr. Rensetti
It is good that you thinks about its your "Obra Maestra", and that in spite of its present ocupations lends its invaluable time to her=-)
My gratefulnes to all the personnel of the Federator Studios that without being mentioned particiate in is great work, and by "enésima" time; Thank to you Wichobot (and To Chazz too) perhaps Jenny Would not be with all we if your you did not make an enffort so much...